Anyone Can Use These Budget-Friendly Self-Care Habits to Improve Their Mental Health

You know that feeling you get after a yoga class? You feel lighter, happier and in a better mood overall, right? Well, it turns out there are other self-care practices that can provide the same type of boost for your mental health. Most are pretty simple, and pretty inexpensive to incorporate into your daily life too. So if you are looking for better mental health, here are a few budget-friendly self-care tips to keep in mind. 

Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive to Benefit Your Mental Health 

If you pay too much attention to social media feeds, you may think you need a pricey gym membership to stick to a mental health-boosting fitness routine. Really though, all you need to exercise your way to a healthier lifestyle is some basic gear and equipment. You can purchase both by shopping online or in-person at retailers, and you can even stack those savings higher by using coupons on every purchase at stores like Dick’s Sportings Goods. That way you can max out your savings on budget-friendly fitness finds, like exercise mats, yoga props and sportswear for men, women and even children. Mats and props can help you form the building blocks of a home fitness routine. But you can also use those online promo codes to pick up all the other pieces you need to build a budget-friendly gym in your own home, no monthly fees needed. Add some resistance bands, a few free weights and an exercise ball, and you have all that you need to stay in shape and feel amazing. 

Stress-Relieving Practices Don’t Have to Stress Out Your Tight Budget 

At the core of self-care is stress relief, but why is this so important for your mental health? Well, aside from helping you feel less frazzled by negative stress, finding simple ways to relax can mitigate the unwelcome side effects chronic stress has on your brain. When you allow stress to rule your life, you are allowing yourself to be more vulnerable to mental health issues, and you are even unknowingly changing your brain’s structure. Those are some pretty scary consequences, but you can prevent them with practices that are simple and free. 

Exercise can help you reduce stress in your life, but other practices are needed as well. You may need to take time to meditate or you may need to say “no” more often to stressful people and situations in your life. That last one is critical and usually the most difficult to actually do. You have to see these refusals as essential to your mental health and well-being, but it can help to have some tips for preventing those “no’s” from breeding more anxiety. Recent studies have shown a connection between gut health and stress levels, so another way to prevent stress is to eat more foods that improve the health of your gut. These foods include affordable options such as yogurt, garlic, onions, pickles, and sourdough bread. 

Quality Rest Shouldn’t Have to Come With an Unattainable Price Tag 

The final basic self-care element needed for better mental health is rest. Your mind and body cannot thrive and function without having some downtime to recharge. All the habits mentioned above can help you hit that reset button, but what you really need is to take more time to do nothing at all (and find habits that cost nothing too). Soak in a warm bath or snooze in your backyard. Those moments can feel selfish at first, especially if you have children or pets. In reality, however, taking a few moments each day for free self-care will make you a better caretaker. You need self-care to keep going, and to keep in control of your mental health. In addition to relaxation, you also need to wind down completely and get enough sleep at night, if you want to truly take back control over your mental health and emotional wellness. 

Self-care habits do not have to break the bank to boost your mental health. In fact, some of the most effective practices you can use for better wellness are absolutely free. So no matter your budget, you can add these routines to your everyday life. These self-care practices are such simple steps toward feeling happier and healthier, and feeling good about your budget too. 

Article by Guest Blogger Brad Krause of

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Adriane Kruer