Do High-Achieving People Need More Support?

Why do high achievers need therapy?
You might wonder! Here’s our take.

People in high achieving roles often chose this roles to serve others- to help others in the way that they may have been helped in the past.

Folks who have chosen roles where they give- give with all that they have, sometimes above and beyond what they allow for themselves.

And even if someone is successful in all the ways that our society describes it, that doesn’t mean that it takes away the experience of being human- with the ups downs and massive range of emotion and sometimes suffering.

Recently, we’ve seen in the media some examples of helpers who gave everything they had, to the detriment of their own well-being- leading to completing suicide. These high profile and highly acclaimed people had their own struggles and we may not have known.

This seems like a time when the struggles of all people, even the people in the helping or high stress roles, need to be acknowledged, addressed and taken seriously.

That even if it seems like someone “has it all”, that their soul may be suffering. That they have all the emotions that everyone has and that they may feel the pressure to never show it- the pressure to be perfect.

Here at EPC we’re here to serve the people who feel like they can never show their pain and that they have to be perfect all the time. We know that humans feel all of the feelings no matter their role- giving and helping is the calling of many- taking care of the helpers is now more important than ever.

Reach out, get in touch, talk about your truth.


Adriane Kruer