Message for Suicide Prevention Week 2019 from EPC & the Desk of Dr. Kruer

Message for Suicide Prevention Week 2019 from EPC & the Desk of Dr. Kruer

When I did a video for Buzzfeed’s Mental Health Week in 2017, I did not expect the overwhelming response from so many kids, teens and young adults around the world who commented and responded to the post.

People all over the world resonated with the feeling of being unheard, invalidated and alone. The comments made me feel compelled to respond, to provide more to people who were experiencing loneliness and despair on a global level and to talk about and provide help for people suffering under the radar.

I was most struck by the people who commented about feeling like they had no where to go to feel heard and supported. I was so stunned by the number of people who feel so scared and so alone. Their incredible expressed feeling that there is no emotional safe space for them made me really stop and think about what more I could do.

The global response to that video was what inspired me to start Echeveria. I want to show everyone that people who seemed to have it all together on the outside - the straight A students; the kids, teens and young people who have to keep everything afloat at home or at school; the hard working professionals that suffer every day in silence, need support too. That depression does not discriminate. I wanted people to know that they could have a place to feel heard, supported and validated.

The voice that we have as mental health professionals to talk about the tough things is a really special and incredible voice, and I certainly do not take that for granted. It is a part of our daily ethos at EPC to show up for people, meet them where they are and to give them hope, even when it seems hopeless. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and therapy support can be the start to getting there.

This week means a lot to our center and to me - our message has always been that if you are struggling - we see you and hear you and you are not alone - no matter where you are or what you are going through. There is always someone there to listen and give you a safe space to land. The symptoms of depression can affect us all- no one is immune from feeling alone. The antidote can be having a safe place to land, a listening ear, and an empathetic heart.

Suicide Prevention Week starts today in the United States.

When we talk about suicide, we talk about the incredibly intense feelings that many people have everywhere in the World on a daily basis. Everyone can feel disconnected at times. Sometimes the feelings of disconnection and the feeling of loneliness in relationships or in your family can be overwhelming. And it can seem like no one will get it.

Talking about this is the mental health provider’s super power.

We talk about what’s hard, we uncover all the shame, the fear, the bad feelings and the doubt and really talk about it. We don’t shy away, we don’t run away, we listen, talk through and make a plan to hold, protect and understand your deepest darkest. That is our super power for the world.

This week, let’s take care of each other, reach out and stay connected.

There are places to go when you feel there is no where, there are people to listen even if you feel that you’ve run out of support, there is a way out of the depths. It is ok to reach out to someone who can listen to you without bias who will help you through- no matter who you are. No matter where you are.

If you or someone you know needs help, reach out.

I’m including our video from 2017 (even though its talking about kids, the symptoms of depression can show up at any age) and posting some resources in case you are worried about you or someone you know.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1800 273 8255

Health Resources and Services Administration

Dr Kruer featured on Buzzfeed

Adriane Kruer