Early Life Trauma 

“You’ve Seen My Descent Now Watch My Rising!”  

~ Rumi~ 

In therapy we have a saying: “That which gets repressed gets expressed.” In a nutshell, this means that when something horrific occurs and it is just too scary for us to deal with, we attempt (consciously or subconsciously) to ignore it, yet it ends up affecting us deeply anyway. This is particularly true with trauma which occurs in childhood because that is the time when we are least able to handle terrifying and overwhelming events. Sometimes a child is not even aware that he or she is avoiding something. Things may have occurred which a he or she does not realize affected them or which they don’t think “should” have affected them. Unfortunately, not matter why it happens, when a child’s emotional wounds are not tended to they fester, and in some cases, can become like an infectious disease in adulthood.

Repercussions of Early Life Trauma

Trauma in one’s youth can have many repercussions in adulthood. Some people find themselves making unhealthy choices, gravitating towards bad relationships, harmful situations and toxic behaviors. Others experience irrational fears or feel guilty saying NO even if it means they will suffer. Others find it impossible to escape toxic family roles. There’s a helpless, hopeless feeling that leaves many childhood trauma victims unequipped to fully handle life. If you are experiencing this, you may be trying hard to make changes, but no matter what you do it feels like you’re walking through a never ending maze with no exit in sight. No path makes any sense. You’re unhappy and you’re not living the life you want to be living.

Help Begins Here

Our therapists are caring and compassionate and will work with you so that you can begin to “express” in a healthy way and dissolve toxic patterns and feeling of shame, sadness, anxiety and depression. Therapy can help give you a magnifying glass and a tool box so you can finally see what’s really going on and make adjustments.

Reach out, we’re here to help.