Echeveria is the latin name for the succulent plant that grows near our offices in Southern California. The plant is resilient, with a tough but beautiful exterior and a soft and sensitive interior. 

We like to think that this plant symbolizes those who we’re here to help - tough, resilient people who feel sensitive and vulnerable on the inside.

Echeveria was started in 2016, by Dr. Adriane Kruer, to help high-achieving, highly anxious people navigate life. She wanted to create an environment where her clients could feel supported and heal from their past.

Since opening, more clinicians have joined Dr. Kruer, bringing their own expertise, to create the Echeveria Therapy Collective.


our values

Line drawing of three succulents and roots


Although authenticity is a bit of a buzzword right now, we value being real. We don’t like stuffy, clinical therapy situations, so you won’t find that here.

Line drawing of three potted plants


From the therapy that we provide, to the spaces that we’ve carefully decorated, we believe in putting intention and thought into our decisions.

Line drawing of three succulents


We strive to be a supportive, healing community for our clients and our clinicians alike. We’re all part of a family system, whether we’re “family” or not.