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PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY is defined as focusing on the psychology of human performance, in particular, professions that demand excellence in psychomotor performance (i.e., performing arts, surgery, firefighting, law enforcement, military operations, etc).

The American Psychological Association (APA) defines SPORT PSYCHOLOGY as addressing the interactions between psychology and sport performance, including the psychological aspects of optimal athletic performance, the psychological care and well-being of athletes, coaches, and sport organizations, and the connection between physical and psychological functioning.


Stressed, Overwhelmed, Burnt Out?

If you are a professional dancer, athlete or performer or you are serious about becoming one, you are probably an extremely driven, fiercely competitive, high achiever. You’ve trained endless hours and, if your pursuit is physical, you’ve endured unimaginable amounts of pain. You are passionate about what you do. You tell yourself “no one and nothing is going to stop me!” You’re a star athlete or performer! …But lately your professional performance has plateaued or dipped, your personal life has become unmanageable and you’ve become flooded with anxieties and doubts.

Here’s What Could Be Going On

While athletes, dancers, and performing artists do need an exceedingly high level of commitment to achieve their goals, problems often occur when they become single minded and “overly focused” on their careers. You might be saying “well if I’m not ‘overly focused’ I won’t succeed.” That seems to make sense, however this same, perfectionistic mindset, which allows one to work as superhumanly hard as you do, is also what allows one to interpret exhaustion and pain as laziness and weakness. It leads you to ignore your physical health, personal life, spiritual life and your psychological well-being. This in turn leads to burnout, anxiety, injuries, depression, and ultimately a shortened career.


Help Begins Here

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to handle life’s stressors while trying to keep your career on track, therapy sessions with Allison may help you create better balance in your life. Her work with you as a dancer, athlete or performing artist includes helping you let go of your overly demanding self-talk and internal criticisms, which get in the way of the healthier type of focus you need to succeed. She’ll work with you so that you can reach your potential, have longevity in your career and live a fulfilling life!